So you went to Elevate Remix or Camp Elevate, what’s next? We want you to get involved. Elevate International offers many programs to help you grow and elevate your relationship with Christ throughout the year. Our programs are designed for you to connect with God and connect with others. Come out to one of our programs and bring your friends.

Are you over 18? Maybe you can help us out by giving us your time or resources at one or more of our programs. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the program lead by using the email on the specific program page or by calling us at 480-719-9411.

Many of our programs will resume their season in August, but it is never to early to get connected and get involved.


Inward is mentoring group for young girls that provides the opportunity to gather together to eat, bond, and learn lessons geared toward developing key life skills, education and community involvement. [Get Involved]


Rise is a mentoring group for young boys that focuses on intimate ways to connect and develop young men’s values and confidence. [Get Involved]

13th Disciple

13th disciple is a leadership program for spiritually maturing youth dedicated to growth and set apart in their relationship with Jesus. [Get Involved]

Dad Zone

Dad Zone is committed to enhancing children’s development by creating opportunities via activities and events to help nurture and strengthen interactions with the father and his children. [Get Involved]

School of Business & Entrepreneurship

Educating youth to be more responsible about money, budgeting and planning ahead will help create a foundation of economic freedom. [Get Involved]


By becoming a partner with Chad Johnson and Elevate International, you are personally helping spread the gospel and elevating this generation. Such partners as yourself, help influence the urban and inner city youth and families through Camp Elevate, mentoring programs, urban missionaries, and much more. By your giving, we can ELEVATE so much more together!

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