The goal of the Creative Arts Department is to create artistic disciples that create artistic disciples. This will be done by offering a variety of art programs to youth and young adults.

Anomalous (ADC) means to deviate from what is standard, normal or expected. Members of this dance crew will be empowered to become not just well rounded dancers but community members. The crew will train in various styles of dance, be present in community events (battles, workshops, competitions, etc) as well as participate in service projects to give back to the community. Crew members will enter a family environment where encouragement, support and accountability will be core values. In a genre that is pressured to conform to society’s “pop culture” of greed and selfishness, we will go against the grain—Anomalous.

Antioch Discipleship and Arts (ADA) program is structured for the creative artist who wants to not only cultivate their God-given gift but go deeper in the study of the Word of God and make the commitment to pursuing Jesus as His disciple.


By becoming a partner with Chad Johnson and Elevate International, you are personally helping spread the gospel and elevating this generation. Such partners as yourself, help influence the urban and inner city youth and families through Camp Elevate, mentoring programs, urban missionaries, and much more. By your giving, we can ELEVATE so much more together!

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